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No one told you how to help your children become financially independent…. until now 

As parents, we constantly guide our children to each milestone –  off the bottle, first day of kindergarten, first car, high school graduation. We didn’t know that one of the most significant milestones is when you transition your child off your payroll and they are financially independent. 

Take Care Of Your Damn Self: How To Graduate Your Child Off Your Payroll is filled with financial strategies and tools to help you transition your child into adulthood.

Once your child graduates from high school, it’s time to go beyond operating as mommy and daddy and step into your new role as coach. 

Our graduation curriculum, including a thought-provoking eBook and action-oriented workbook, will help you get your head and heart in the game so you can get your wallet back!

With nearly 100 clickable links, vocabulary words, Excel templates and specific action items at the end of each chapter, we make it easy for you to graduate your young adult off your parent payroll so you can use that money for your personal goals, such as saving for retirement.

The adjustment is easy for some but difficult for others. Everyone’s approach is different, but transitioning your adult kids off your payroll is absolutely necessary. 

Here’s why….

1. Continuing to financially support your children as they become adults can instill fear in them and make them think they aren’t capable of taking care of themselves. It also impacts their ability lead their own household

2. Your children need to know how to thrive, not barely survive, if something happens to you.

3.You need to create separation so your children don’t make a decision that impacts you negatively financially.

4. It’s time to put yourself first! If not, you will continue to sacrifice your own dreams and needs, such as traveling, buying a new car, or preparing for retirement.

Are you ready to say yes to yourself and take your wallet back?


Get the go-to graduation curriculum teaching you how to navigate financial topics such as car insurance, taxes, credit, financial aid and more so you can confidently prepare your child for adulthood. #ThankMeLater

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